Are 38mm thick Mini’s able to be used on a double door set?
No, all fire rated double door sets must use 48mm thick Maxi fire doors for compliance.

Do you supply vision panels?
Yes, there are three sizes of fire rated vision panels, 300 x 200mm, 450 x 120mm, 600 x 100mm. Vision panels can be purchased as a supply only kit, or can be installed into your door during manufacture. If you would like a vision panel installed in your door, please send in this detail sheet to specify the size and location you are after when placing your door order.

Can I have an air grille in my door?
Yes, like vision panels, these can be supplied as a kit, or can be installed during manufacture of your door. The available sizes for fire rated air grilles are 300 x 600mm or 450 x 450mm. If you would like an air grille installed, please send in this detail sheet to specify the size and location you are after when placing your door order.

Can fire doors be rebated?
No, our fire doors cannot be rebated. All fire rated double door sets require either T-bar or Bullnose meeting stiles depending on the scenario.

Is the hinge side important on a fire door?
Yes it is, fire doors are constructed with steel or aluminium hinge plates and lock plates for reinforcement. Usually our doors come marked saying “TOP HINGE”, noting the correct way to install. If they are not marked, check the top and bottom of the door for a small hole which also indicates the top hinge side. If you still can’t identify the hinge side, you can use a strong magnet to detect the location of the internal metal plates.

What is the easiest door finish to paint over?
Our most popular finishes for ease of painting are the Duracote and HMR-XP finish (both green coloured). These are pre-primed options, which means minimal sanding and preperation is required prior to painting. Duracote is available with up to a 1 hour rating on fire doors.

How much can I trim off a fire door?
The Australian standards limit the amount you can cut off a fire door to a maximum of 3mm per side. Any more than this and it compromises the integrity and functionality of the fire door, and voids certification. To avoid the need to trim down doors, we offer custom sized doors to meet your exact requirements on site. We would recommend measuring your door frames prior to ordering the doors to ensure the correct clearances are allowed.

Do you offer tags and certification for your doors and frames?
Yes, but it is important that the following things are considered before requesting certification. All hardware installed on our doors must be listed on our approved hardware list (see resources). If you require certification for a door with hardware not on the approved hardware list, you will need to change the hardware. Take note, although hardware manufacturers or suppliers may say their product is fire rated, it may be tested with a different fire door core type.

How do I stick tags to a door?
Our tags come with 3M adhesive on the back, as well as two holes for an option to nail the tag to the door. Most people use both methods to ensure that the tag is well secured. The tag should be installed at eye level (about 1.5 metres from the floor). If you are using a frame and door tag on the same door set, make sure they are staggered so they don’t clash when the door is shut.

Be very careful that you only used hardware that has been tested and approved for the specific fire resistant door you are intending to fit it to.

Contact us and ask for the appropriate paperwork required to get a certificate and tags for your project.